How to Shoot Product Photography White Background

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Enjoy this meaty product photography tutorial! 1. Shoot in daylight (or really good indoor lighting). If it suits your product and you don’t mind a bit of conformity, shooting your product on a white background is easy. A simple sheet of poster board makes for a seamless, smooth white.

Backgrounds and Props for Product Photography. Updated on March 7, 2018. Rose Clearfield. more.. YouTube – white background product Photo; White Background Product Photo Shooting Tips – Digital Photography Tips and Techniques; Gray/Dark Neutral. Source.

Adding black foam board to the sides, just outside of the photo, behind the product will create a dark edge on the white product. Combine a white bounce card at the front and black bounce cards in the back for a more sophisticated lighting setup. You can buy foam board on Amazon or at a local drugstore.

We bring you our top tips on how to photograph products for your website (and. are all photographed against a white background, the choice to shoot close-up,

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Shooting items on a white background is a commonly used technique for product shots. However, it gets tricky when you need to photograph a white product on white background. In this situation, you can have a problem exposing for one or the other. Photographer David Patino from PDN Video shows you.

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For more tips on a white or high key background see: 4 Tips for a Perfect White Background in High Key Photography. Conclusion. I hope this little tutorial has shed some light on basic techniques for shooting a white background, where you want the background to be 100% white, and that it has dispelled any mystery over how to achieve this look.

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