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Product Photography Guide - 3 types of shots to sell product Filed Under: tutorials tagged With: product photography, still life photography About Laya Gerlock Laya Gerlock is a Portrait and Product photographer based in the Philippines.

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What is lifestyle product photography? Sometimes referred to as in-context or just context photography, lifestyle product photography is the practice of photographing your product within a curated and styled scene, sometimes featuring models, to introduce the potential customer to the idea of a specific lifestyle or aesthetic promoted by the brand.

But a good product photography lighting setup or a good photo light box will do. recommended that you include lifestyle images of your product being used.

In any lifestyle product photograph, the context is as important as the product. Your pictures illustrate that all-important promise. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to style a lifestyle photo of your product to convey not only the features of your item but the desired lifestyle of the potential buyer.

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Commercial Lifestyle and ‘Action Shots’ Bring your products to life and with commercial lifestyle photography! Enhance your standard amazon product photography order with images of your merchandise in use, or settings that highlight their benefits.

Lifestyle Product Photos for Amazon, Shopify and eCommerce Brand Websites. Having the ability to showcase your product in the environment it was created for will instantly put your customers in the scenario of using your product. create actionable imagery through custom and lifestyle product photography.

Lifestyle shots add the human touch, connecting your customers to your products. You have seconds to catch the attention of a potential buyer. Our lifestyle shots will make your products come to life.

Lifestyle shots add the human touch, connecting your customers to your products. You have seconds to catch the attention of a potential buyer. Our lifestyle shots will make your products come to life. Whether in a park, office, beach, or mountain, we will do what it takes to show your product the way it was meant to be used.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Lifestyle vs. product shots. 1. Use it with gusto if your catalog is a support vehicle to a retail operation or other sales channel, as is the case with upscale cataloger/retailers like Patagonia and Nordstrom. 2. Use lifestyle photography with discretion if your catalog is your primary source of revenue.

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