Where to Position Lights for Product Photography

Time for Good Light – How to position your light? Michael’s take on lighting setups Good Light! Magazine.. Softbox Size vs Soft Light: Take and Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey: AdoramaTV.

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1. Window Lighting for product photography. Use natural resources to create pleasing light. One of the easiest and most efficient lighting setups for apparel photography-whether it’s clothing, shoes, or accessories-can be created with a large window and natural sunlight streaming through it.

Following up on last week’s post (Product Photography, Part 1 – Cameras), today we’re taking a closer look at the lighting and background set-up needed to get those perfect product pictures.In my opinion this is actually the most important post in this product photography series and it’s something most sellers completely overlook.

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Position a fill light.. The fill light helps balance your portrait lighting and creates a sense of depth to your image. Used properly, it can also create a moody or romantic image through the carefully controlled play of shadows.

How to Photograph Frozen Bubbles in the cold 10 common photography mistakes Every Beginner Should Avoid Your Guide to the Best Poses for Engagement Photos 4. 5 Classic Lighting Positions for Portrait Photography. A Post By. Of course these are not the only ways to position lights – as.

For more information on how to position your lights, read Top 7 Product Photography Tips and Photographing Reflective Objects. Diffusion As we’ve discussed here before, diffusion is the process of softening the light from your bulbs to produce a less harsh (more "diffuse") distribution of light.

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